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FREE Entry
Server: Asia
Maps: Erangel / Sanhok / Miramar / Vikendi (beta)
Team Mode: Solo, Duo, Squads, TPP

🥇Selection Criteria🥇
For All Rounds: Points Ranking

Placement : Points

1 : 300
2 : 225
3 : 190
4 : 165
5 : 145
6 : 130
7 : 115

8 : 100
9 : 85
10 : 70
11-12 : 60
13-15 : 50
16-20 : 40
21-25 : 30
Per Kill : 15



⚠️ Age Limit 13+
⚠️ All games are played in PUBG Mobile.
⚠️ Only team leader has to register. Event Organisers will contact team leader and he has to co-ordinate with rest of the squad members and share details of other squad members with organisers.
⚠️ A custom room will be created on tournament day. Team Leader and his teammates will have to join that room. ID and Password of the room will be shared with team leader via WhatsApp on tournament day.
⚠️ Team Leaders who are registering are requested to enter valid E-Mail IDs and valid WhatsApp/Paytm enabled contact numbers.
⚠️ Each squad registration can have a maximum of up to 4 players.No matter how many players are in your squad (up to 4).
⚠️ All four teammates must be a registered member of Playmonk.
⚠️ Members of the same squad should have identical team prefix in their name or same profile pic.
❌ Only one team per Clan will be allowed to participate
⏰If you fail to join the match on the specified time we aren’t responsible for that so please join on time.
⏰ Room id and password will be shared 10 minutes before the match to your registered mail id or WhatsApp number.
❌Do not share the room I’d and password with anyone if we find this you will be disqualified.
❌Griefing and teaming are against our rule. If we find Players teaming with each other will not give them the winning amount and will also be disqualified from participating in the upcoming match.
❌ Hackers will be disqualified instantly
🛑 Stay in your given slots, joining any other slot will get you kicked & the team will be disqualified. If you have anyone else in your slot, reach out to us in discord immediately before the match starts.
🛑 Screenshots mandatory for payment and rank achieved at the end of each game.
🛑 Threatening or abusing game admins can result in legal actions & ban from upcoming tournaments.
✋ Players have to follow the guidelines given by admins
✋ Players have to make sure to keep their game updated to latest version.
✋ In case of any technical issues from organizer end matches can be rescheduled.
💥 In case of power failure, technical issues, conflict with results of match etc decision of PLAYMONK ADMIN TEAM regarding results of match or rematch will be final.
💥 The decision of PLAYMONK ADMIN TEAM regarding the selection of qualified teams will be final, no discussions or explanations will be provided for anyone.
💥 If your name is not on the match list it means you & your team are disqualified by the PLAYMONK ADMIN TEAM, please do not contact for explanations. Playmonk Admin Teams decision is final.
💥 Playmonk Team reserves all rights to change the match timings and rules if required.
👁 We have a lot of spectators watching so don’t try anything stupid 👁
📲 Contact our Discord Channel for support

Registrations closed.

Thank you for registering with us, Selected team list, their match details, slot no. will be updated on the website.