Sorry the registerations has been closed!!!

Note :

Registrations will be closed on 23/08/2019 at 12pm

Tournament date : 24/08/2019


1.) The Participants should have A Playtonia Team setup and should provide the team link to play in the tournament.

2.)  The participants should not use any unfair means to gain a upper hand on their opponents

3.) Pixel Walking is not allowed

4.) The teams can have a max of 7 players in their teams, 5 Active members and 1 Substitute and 1 Coach. If under any circumstances the teams shall use their benched players they shall contavt HecTiiC Admins VIA Email Phone or Discord first.

5.)  The matches will be played on playtonia servers

6.)  The lobbies will be created 15 minutes prior to the game.

7.)  The matches will be streamed live on the HecTiiC Partnered Channels.

8.) If the other team is suspected of cheating, Please report the issue to the Admins As soon as possible.

9.) After playing the matches the teams are required to report the scores to the admins on Discord.

10.) Team captains are required to join the discord servers.

11.) Use #burnout on all the social media platforms and get your post featured on The Burnout League’s stream.



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