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Winner takes all!


1. Prize money will be USD 100, Winner takes all!
2. Must sign up a PlayMonk account to take part.
3. This contest is only for Ninjas, in the fight Alphascape V2.0 (Savage).
4. Only entries sent in between 15.06.2019 12:00 am (EST) to 17.06.2019 12:00 pm (EST) are accepted.
5. Show me your best padded logs! Its Shadowpadders!
6. Only one submission per Player/Registered email will be accepted.
7. Make sure you carefully decide which is your best run before you submit.
8.¬†Make your logs unlisted so only we can review it, so others don’t misuse it.
9. Winners will be notified via In-game /tell and PlayMonk registered email. My social media will also be updated when I review results on Stream and Winner announcement will also be made on my social media!

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