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PlayMonk is offering its users a wide variety of free tournaments to participate in. All you have to do is register, browse and find tournament for your favorite game!
The best part? Entry for official PlayMonk tournaments is free! Drop into the battlegrounds today and start dominating your opponents! Win cash prizes in games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite by playing for free!

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How it works

Register & become a member

You can register on the PlayMonk platform via Google, Facebook or even your Steam account. Once you have registered, you will be eligible to participate in PlayMonk tournaments and win goodies!

Browse Tournaments

We have a wide variety of tournaments, and single matches to participate in. Leagues can be hosted by certified PlayMonk hosts for a large cash prizes. Choose from different game modes, jump in, play and win!

Enroll for any Match

There are no restrictions for playing in tournaments and matches! Any PlayMonk member can jump in and play for our free entry tournaments.

Play & win

If you have what it takes to play in our paid tournaments, to win even more, go for it! Paid tournament support will be added soon for players looking to make some quick easy cash playing the games they love!

Jump into the world of Playmonk.
Our Beta is now live

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